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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is unlocking?
Network unlocking is a safe and easy process that enables you to use your cell phone with any service provider, worldwide! This allows you to switch to a new low price service plan, avoid roaming fees while traveling, and increase the resale value of your device.
2Why should I unlock?
When you unlock your phone, you will be able to use it with any carrier, anywhere in the world! You can use almost any SIM card with your unlocked mobile device. With this, you will be able to travel around the globe and avoid pesky roaming fees, or switch your device to a new service provider to save money.
3How does unlocking my phone work?
After receiving your unlock request, our team will generate your unlock code using the manufacturer's unlock tools. Your unlock code and unlocking instructions will be sent to the email address you provide. Simply follow the instructions and enter the code, and your device will be unlocked instantly! Apple factory unlock services are also available for iPhone devices.
4Why is my phone locked?
It is common practice for cell phone service providers to lock customers' devices to ensure they stay with them during the entire contract period. With our unlock codes, you can remove this lock and gain access to all carriers, even during your contract period!
5How do I find my IMEI?
Your IMEI code is your phones identifier. Its what sets it apart from all the other phones like it. You can find your 15 digit IMEI by dialing *#06# into your phone! Another method is going into your “phone information” in options. You will also find it on the back of your mobile device behind the battery.
6What methods of payment do you accept?
We use a premium merchant system that accepts payments from any major credit card or PayPal account.
7How long can it take to receive my unlock code?
We strive to provide our unlock codes at the quickest speeds possible. You can view our current processing times anytime on our unlock page.
8I received an email with “Unlock not found” instead of a code!
This happens when an incorrect IMEI is entered when submitting your order. This is a very easy fix, just send us and email with your order details and your correct IMEI. We will respond with your unlock code!
9 What do I do if my code does not work?
It is extremely rare for an unlock code to not successfully unlock your phone. Our codes are 99.9% accurate. Please review the instructions and then verify that the code is being entered in correctly. Also, review that all the details you provided to us is accurate! If all information is accurate, please contact us.
10 What is your return policy?
It is our goal at to unlock your device as quickly and easily as possible by using some of the most reliable and fastest tools in the market. A refund will be provided in most cases if we cannot unlock your device. Please note there are some situations where we cannot issue refunds. Please view our Refund Policy for more details.
11 Can I use the original phone network after unlocking?
Yes, for example if you unlock an Rogers phone, it will still work on the Rogers Network unlocked.
12 Is the phone unlock permanent?
Yes, as soon as your phone has been unlocked by our code, it will stay unlocked forever.
13 Will a software update re-lock my phone?
No, OEM software / OS updates should not lock the phone. However, in the event that the phone does lock again, you can reuse the original lock code you already purchased to unlock the phone.
14 What is a phone hard lock?
A Hard Lock is a permanent carrier lock. Your phone will become hard locked by attempting to enter an incorrect SIM unlock code to many times. Each phone has different limits regarding unsuccessful attempts before the device becomes hard locked. General Number of Attempts Allowed:
  • HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung is 5 attempts
  • LG and Blackberry is 10 attempts.
  • 15 General Number of Attempts Allowed:
    HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung is 5 attempts LG and Blackberry is 10 attempts. What is a PUK code? A PUK (PIN Unlock Key) is required to unlock SIM cards that have become locked after successive incorrect PIN entries. If you enter the wrong PUK code 10 times in a row, your SIM card will be invalidated, requiring you to purchase a new one. The phone will display the following error: "PUK blocked call operator".


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