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Our Refund Policy

Refund Policy Details:

In the event that our services don't unlock your device, we are happy to provide a full refund. Please note there may be instances in which we will not be able to provide you with a refund. Before placing your order, please read the following:

  • Cancellations: Once your order is placed we cannot cancel the unlock process. There are strictly no cancelations once your order is submitted.
  • Delays or Outages: Unlock processing times that are stated is on our website are averages based on previous orders. In some cases these unlock tools may experience unexpected outages and delays. If average processing time listed on our website is exceeded we cannot provide a refund.
  • Video evidence cannot be supplied: Before we can provide a refund we first must provide our unlock source with video evidence that the device did not accept the unlock code that was provided.This video must show the IMEI and the error received when entering the unlock code provided.
  • Your phone is unlocked but not compatible with your desired network: In some cases your device may be successfully unlocked but the device may not be compatible with a new carrier's SIM card. This is rare for new devices but please check network compatibility before making your order.
  • Device IMEI has been reported Lost/Stolen or Blacklisted: If your device has been reported lost or stolen the carrier will place an additional "theft" lock on your network. We cannot provide you with a refund in the event your device has been reported or blacklisted.
  • Device Modifications: No refunds for unlock failure due to device modifications such as rooting, jailbreaking, or updating firmware.
  • Hard Locked Devices: A rare issue when the phone cannot accept unlock codes due to excessive incorrect unlock code entries.
  • Unlock Software: In the event your device cannot be unlocked via code we may provide software to unlock the device in lieu of an unlock code
  • Incorrect Data Submission: No refunds if the incorrect credentials or phone information was entered into the unlock tool generating the wrong unlock code. Example: Incorrect IMEI, carrier, or phone model. This includes AT&T iPhones, if your device is still on contract or has remaining payments with the carrier you must select "(Off Contract/Fully Paid)" option or no refund can be provided
  • Crypto Payments:Crypto payments are converted to USD as soon as they are received. Refunds will be calculated based on the USD quoted amount at the time of purchase.
  • Within 30 Days:Please send any refund request within 30 days of placing your order. We cannot guaranteed any refunds after 30 days. To submit a refund request please email or create a support ticket

If you have any questions regarding our refund policy or if you require more information regarding how to request a refund; please submit a support ticket and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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